• Weber amp kit 6A14HP building


    DIY vacuum tube guitar amp

  • Introduction

    This is my very first DIY guitar amp building. I'd like to share my experience with anyone who find it helpful.


    As I said, It's my first try to build a tube guitar amplifier, I'd like to start something small but useful.Here’s a few from some companies sell small amp kits.


    Weber amp

    Probably the most well known amp kit seller.They are reasonable but it seems that quality of the components they use are not very good.


    Mojo tone

    It looks their kit components are better than Weber ,such as Orange drop capasitors.Bit pricey though.


    Afer long research,I dicided to go for Weber 6A14HP.It'a Fender Princeton Reverb clone with 6L6GC power tubes instead of 6V6. Slight more power 30~35W.


    Before start working on your amp, I  suggest to read through Weber Forum.There're tons of useful infomation. I added  some mods to my amp which recomend on the forum.
    Also, this website "Building an amp" made by a Coutry music player in the Netherlands is worth reading.He's made a 6A20.